Cane Bay Partners Helped St. Croix Rebound From Two Devastating 2017 Storms

Cane Bay Partners is a highly regarded international consulting company headquartered in the United States Virgin Islands. Founded by a pair of industry veterans, Cane Bay has made a name for itself with successful consulting projects focusing on issues like technological architecture and risk management.

Under founding partners like David Johnson Cane Bay has also become an especially supportive member of the U.S. Virgin Islands community. When Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated St. Croix and other parts of the territory in 2017, Cane Bay and its principals provided a great deal of much-needed support.

Responding Quickly to an Unprecedented Disaster

Intense tropical storms are common throughout the Caribbean, but 2017’s Atlantic hurricane season was especially vicious. The U.S. Virgin Islands suffered an astounding amount of damage when two Category 5 storms ripped through the territory one after the other.

That left many thousands of people living on islands like St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John’s desperately in need of help. Unfortunately, international aid organizations were already stretched thin responding to life-threatening disasters that had befallen other places.

Johnson and others at Cane Bay were determined to ensure that the U.S. Virgin Islands would get back on track as quickly as possible. In the case of Cane Bay, that meant setting up a nonprofit foundation that was well equipped to gather resources and provide help across St. Croix, including:

  • Clean water. Even a minor tropical storm can disrupt established water supplies and leave people faced with drinking dangerous, contaminated alternatives. Providing clean water after a storm makes landfall often proves to be one of the most important accomplishments of the ensuing relief effort. Cane Bay made sure that people throughout the area had access to the water they needed to survive.
  • Medicine. With the usual supply lines down, many residents of St. Croix faced the prospect of running out of medications that keep them healthy. Once again, Cane Bay stepped up to make sure that these problems would be resolved.

Making the Best of a Difficult Time

Aid of these kinds and others helped many in the U.S. Virgin Islands recover more quickly from 2017’s hurricanes than would otherwise have been possible. Under the leadership of its founders, Cane Bay Partners contributed greatly to the relief effort.

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