The Most Common Signs That A Spouse Is Struggling With Alcohol Abuse

When a person is addicted to alcohol, it will wreak havoc on their mental and physical well-being, but it also drastically affects the quality of life of those around them. When a spouse is living with a functioning alcoholic husband, they will often find themselves picking up the pieces and acting as the glue that holds their family and household together. The following is a look at some of the most common symptoms of alcohol abuse and the various ways to get the support needed to regain control of life.

Lack of Stability

One of the most prominent characteristics present in the home of an alcoholic is a lack of stability, as the abuse of alcohol substances will often cause a person to struggle to keep their life in order. While some go to work and hold down a job, they will likely spend all of their money to get their next fix and will usually fail to meet the demands of maintaining a family. An inability to cope with life forces the other person to face the unknown on a daily basis and attempt to restore normalcy.

Denial and Anger

The scariest part of living with an alcoholic is dealing with the denial and anger that are often present. Emotional instability is common in those that abuse alcohol, and it causes them to become a ticking time bomb and leaves those in the home anticipating their next meltdown. Not only is this exhausting, but it puts others in a family in harm’s way, as it may lead to physical abuse.

Lack of Control

Often a person will feel that they have control over an alcoholic spouse, as most people develop ways to curtail their exposure to violent behavior and will compensate for their inability to function. In the end, this behavior does little to help the situation and only enables the alcoholic to continue their destructive habits. Realizing that control is impossible is the first step to breaking free from an abusive situation.

The stress of living with a spouse that is addicted to alcohol is overwhelming, but fortunately, help is available. The team at The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare provides treatment not only for those in the throws of addiction but those who are affected by their actions. Contact them today to learn more and take the first step in getting guidance and support.

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