Tips for Choosing the Right Size When Purchasing Clothing Online

It’s always disappointing to receive the clothes you ordered online and were really looking forward to and find that they don’t fit. Somehow, you ended up ordering the wrong size. This is particularly an issue when ordering clothing online from retailers you haven’t used before. If you’ve shopped at the brick-and-mortar version of a store, you probably already know what size you typically wear in that brand. Use the following tips to help when ordering from new retailers.

Start By Measuring Yourself

Measure around the fullest part of your bust, the smallest part of your waist, the widest part of your hips, and your inseam from the inside of your crotch to the ankle at the very least. Take these measurements when wearing only an unpadded bra and underwear for the best results, keeping the measuring tape flat against your body but not pulled tight. These are the measurements typically used in size charts online. Even better, have a professional at a clothing shop or tailor’s take these measurements for you.

Check Size Charts on the Website

Next, use those handy measurements you just took to check the size charts or size description on the website. If they don’t have any size measurements available, you may want to skip buying from that website, as you have no idea what you’ll get.

Check Out the Online Reviews

Once you have an idea of the right size, check out the customer reviews. If the majority of the customers say that something runs large, small, or tight, for example, you may want to size up or down. Also, you might find that something tends to be super short, very long, or otherwise has an odd fit. This can help you rule out items that might not work for you at all.

Consider Purchasing More Than One Size

If the company has free shipping, free returns, and you’re not sure which size to order, just go ahead and order the two sizes you’re considering so you can find out which one works the best.

Shopping online can give you a much wider variety of options. Just make sure you take potential variations in sizing into account when ordering.

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