Tired of Experiencing Automobile Gas Pains?

For many years I was fortunate enough to drive more upscale type cars. However, my situation changed with needing to drive a three-hour daily round trip for work. Our gas pricing in my thinking have increased to off the charts, especially when we live in countries that has their own oil. American gas has gone up to, but not like Canadian fuel costs. Canadians also pay at the pumps an additional 37% in governmental taxes and fees. I don’t believe O.P.E.C was a great deal for North American consumers. Many oil rich middle eastern countries are not charging their citizens world prices, or major taxation on fuel. Since we all experience these situations one way or anther, here are my tips to reduce your automobile gas pains…

I now only purchase used gas efficient mechanically checked cars for safety. I have another article on this site called, how you can save money buying used cars, but my focus mainly in this article is fuel economy. Traveling back and forth to work takes me 3 hours daily doing like 3000 miles or 5000 Kilometers a month. That could cost in an upscale vehicle $800 to $1200/monthly, but I’m paying $425.00. Besides my vehicles purchased being fuel-efficient there are a few other things I do:

• I Keep a half tank, buy gas for the day, and never fill the tank until an amazing pricing deal comes along.
• My tire’s air pressure is checked weekly, makes a difference in fuel economy as well.
• Twice a year the vehicle is tuned up, spark plugs, air filters make a whole difference spending less at the pumps.
• I am working on staying at 60 miles/hour or 100 Kilometres. They say it the most efficient highway speed for reducing fuel costs.

I realize most people aren’t doing the 30,000 miles or 50,000 kilometres per year drive. Even though I know my tips for more gas efficiency will help everyone.

As a sidebar… There are very few people I speak with about gas prices who are happy, but they keep suffering in silence. Perhaps its time for us to be heard by the government? Maybe using the very same platforms that social issues works-on would be effective here. Imagine people demonstrating peacefully all over the country at the same time, social media sites going viral on gas prices, and the news covering the events around the world. I believe only then would change to gas prices take effect. The government might realize if change isn’t made they might not be re-elected. Just anther thought in helping us resolve the automobile gas pains we suffer daily!

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